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Brunel Alumni, UK Alumni of the Year Award 2023

I was really proud to have been nominated and shortlisted for Brunel UK Alumni of the Year Award. I spent 7 years with Brunel doing my Doctorate part-time as well as working full time and raising my family on my own.

Brunel became a large part of my life, monthly trips on the M25, supervisions with amazing staff such as Dr Andrew Green and Professor Mike Watts to support my progress, and the completion of a Doctorate in Education.

I had a lovely evening at the Awards event, talking with other finalists and entrepreneurs receiving awards and grants. We discussed how hard it is stepping away after such a long time of studying and finding something else to focus on and fill that gap. For me, it is writing and carrying out research, and I am enjoying writing the series of books that are being published on neurodiversity and SEND.

It was good to celebrate achievements of Alumni and the professional contribution we are making. Thank you to everyone at Brunel!

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