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I grew up in Cheshire with my parents and sisters, moving to Suffolk as a teenager. My interest in horses took me to work in Newmarket in horseracing at the age of 16. I spent several years there until I had my first child, eventually moving to the Essex Coast. I studied for my degree with the Open University while raising children and working in a range of jobs including bar work in night clubs and working for an estate agents and for a bank. On completing my degree I moved to a career in Education which is where I have developed my skills, expertise and passion.

I have many personal interests, I enjoy spending time with my family, children and grandchildren. I have horses, including an ex-racehorse who is retired and enjoying a pampered life, and a Patterdale terrier who came to us from a rescue centre many years ago.  They are very much a focus for my keen interest in photography, in which I have achieved a professional diploma and licentiate.






I have neurodiverse children, and several years ago I was diagnosed as Autistic myself. This has led to me developing my knowledge and experience in neurodiversity.

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